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BlockScience Labs, an innovative SaaS web application company helping data scientists and executives minimize the friction in solving complex business problems, announced its partnership with

New Jersey, May 27, 2022.  BlockScience Labs, an innovative SaaS web application company helping data scientists and executives minimize the friction in solving complex business problems, announced its partnership with, an initiative bringing shared legal sources and the open collaboration of GitHub to the legal world.  CommonAccord aims to codify legal via open-sourced document creation, version control, and composable modularity.  Through this partnership, BlockScience Labs will expand its product features that will help enhance the Executive Scientist’s workflow by putting the control and execution of contracts, policies, consents, and other documents in a unified workflow for the decision-maker.

The mission of BlockScience Labs is to support the needs of the producers and consumers of analytical insights for complex business decisions in the Web3, Big Data, and Artificial Intelligence ecosystems.  BlockScience Labs does this through the Labs Platform, which supports data scientists (multi-disciplinary teams of engineers) and executives by guiding users on best practices for applying scientific rigor to business analytics.  The Platform combines tools and integrations that allow the user to document their hypotheses, code their models, experiment with simulations, collaborate with peers, and present their results - all in one place.

CommonAccord is creating GitHub-based repositories of legal text that users can render into first-class documents, moving forms and boilerplate into the background and reducing legal costs, delay, and opacity.  Integration into the Labs Platform will automate the process of creating and approving legal documents such as Software License Agreements, Project Contributor Agreements, Terms of Service, Terms of Use, and much more.  CommonAccord’s simple and expandable data model for text consists of a series of nested lists that are rendered into full documents.  The documents can be improved, extended, and forked by the community.

The founder of CommonAccord, James Hazard, has practiced law in Paris and Boston and is currently a member of the California bar.  He is a graduate of Brown University and Cornell Law School.  As the initiator of, I am thrilled by this partnership with BlockScience Labs,” James stated in a recent interview.  He continued, “CommonAccord and its ProseObject data model allow the legal function to be open-sourced.  It also expresses documents and transactions as labeled directed graphs, ready for machine analysis.  The partnership with BlockScience Labs brings together these two dynamics – open-sourced legal and machine analytics – to create a robust approach to governance that embraces the complexity of relationships and institutions while making them radically more efficient.”

Legal forms and contracts are cumbersome and can have long-lasting ramifications.  The partnership between BlockScience Labs and CommonAccord seeks to resolve this pain point through a process that adds clarity to decision-making often obscured when using legacy applications such as Word.  This creates a unified workflow for the Executive Scientist and those providing legal direction or advice regarding documentation.

Tracking the provenance of complex business decisions from the initial request to execution requires visibility and transparency of the decision dependencies.  Chris Frazier, CEO and Co-Founder of BlockScience Labs, stated, “The Executive Scientist and their collaborators can benefit from existing solutions that explain and contextualize complex legal text and track current versus previous states of edits, dramatically simplifying the process of finalizing the terms of agreements.  It is an obvious choice to work with CommonAccord and integrate their methodologies into our decision support platform.”

Both parties are excited about this new partnership and the potential benefits it brings to new and existing clients of BlockScience Labs and  To learn more, go to

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