Introducing BlockScience Labs

Who is BlockScience Labs?

BlockScience Labs is a data science company building products to elevate the caliber of deliverables by Engineers and multidisciplinary teams in the big data and artificial intelligence ecosystems.  Our flagship product is the Labs Platform, a web application that guides users on best practices to apply scientific rigor to business analytics.  The Labs Platform will be a combination of tooling and integrations that will enable users and teams to document their hypothesis and initial conditions, code their models, experiment with simulations and analysis, collaborate with peers and present their results all in one place.

What problem is BlockScience Labs trying to solve?

BlockScience Labs was founded from the lessons learned overseeing data science and engineering design workflows and projects. Nothing in the marketplace has quite solved the needs in observing how systems react to changes in state variables.  There is a gap between code-based machine learning solutions and the application of algorithmic policies because many data science tools focus on automating processes and simplifying the application of black box models.  We believe that the push for more automation is what has caused so many abandoned projects of innovative AI tools and services.  For example, take a look at this article by Holly Zink that lists a few AI disasters:

There is a growing friction between the Executive and the Engineer.  This is due to the need for faster actionable intelligence that is critical to maintain a company's competitive advantage.  The executive is pouring money into their big data solutions expecting a magic wand or silver bullet result that will give them fast data driven analytics, propelling them ahead of the competition.  The Engineer is under pressure to produce faster insights, so there has been an increase in available tools that automate the data science workflow, moving more processes into black boxes.

In contrast to this, the Labs solution addresses the alignment between the Executive and Engineer:

For the Engineer:  Simplify the engineering workflow with better methods, tooling and an interface that produces results that can be easily interpretable for the Executive.  With the Labs Platform, the Engineer will have every tool available for problem framing, experiment planning, model coding, simulation analysis, documentation, and result sharing all within a platform that also makes collaboration accessible and effective.  The user will be guided on best practices, ensuring elevated transparency and repeatability of their work by their peers and to mitigate any biases introduced into the model.

For the Executive:  On screen guides, simple to understand visualizations, embeddable charts and diagrams will allow the Engineer and Executive to both log into the platform and review the analysis together.  Labs will continue to evolve the model creation features, creating a no-code interface that will open up the ability for the Executive to dabble in their own modeling while still following proper scientific methods.

How will Labs accomplish this?

The Labs Platform will have six areas of focus:

  • Design: The platform will guide the user on how to create a project that follows proper algorithmic decision making system design, ensuring that they are producing quality results that are visible, reproducible, observable, justifiable and transparent.
  • Predict: Observable, verifiable work streams to ensure high integrity in your analysis.
  • Tune: An interface that allows easy updates to code for running what-if scenarios, A/B testing and large quantity monte carlo or parameter sweep simulations.  There will also be a debugging mode to set up tests and review model KPIs.
  • Communicate:  You will be able to invite others to review your work all within the Labs Platform.  Object level permissions will give the user control over how others interact with their work, either as a collaborator or a viewer of the documents.
  • Collaborate:  Work as part of a team or invite other collaborators to input their ideas into documentation, code and test models, run simulations, explore results, verify your work and iterate on the process.
  • Promote: Enhance your profile with a description of your background, links to your projects and tags of what your interests are in the fields of science.

Why did we start BlockScience Labs?

BlockScience Labs was founded by Chris Frazier, Dr. Michael Zargham and Nick Hirannet.  For several years, Chris and Michael worked together on reporting actionable insights from large amounts of data to company executives.  They saw a current state of poorly leveraged analytics and a company-wide mantra that the executives were “Data Driven” without proper best practices in place.  Chris and Michael implemented new policies, grew the Data Science and Business Intelligence teams, and brought new products to production promoting data driven decision making into core revenue generating workflows.

The vision for BlockScience Labs began to form over several years within BlockScience.  It wasn’t until late 2019 where the idea of creating a separate product company started to take shape.  We had seen a growing interest in the work that BlockScience (an engineering firm) was doing and a general interest in understanding how the scientific process, engineering principles, numerical analysis, and control theory are applied to the multi-step process of systems design, digital twin simulation, and expert analysis.  The decision was to create a new entity focusing on building a set of products and services that leverage open source tools, change the U/X of machine learning, and simplify integrations to allow a greater audience to adopt methods employed by BlockScience.

Where can I learn more?

You can follow us on Linkedin at

You can also help fund BlockScience Labs and own a piece of its success.  Check out our investment site to learn more at

About the Author

Chris Frazier has been an executive for over 10 years. He evolved from being a data analyst to becoming a BI and product leader, designing and implementing data driven solutions to a successful media tech firm.  Chris is now the CEO and Co-Founder of BlockScience Labs, a data science product company that builds solutions that support both Systems Engineers and Executive Scientists to make better business decisions through scientific processes.