Tutorial: Creating a Project

In this tutorial, you will learn how to create a project in the Labs Platform. You will also see how you can manage the projects that exist in your account.

In this tutorial, you will learn how to create a project in the Labs Platform.  You will also see how you can manage the projects that exist in your account.

What is a Project?

A project is a container for all the work that you will perform and collaborate with others for a particular goal.  This could be work for a client, a school project, research or a personal project you are working on.

There are two ways to create a new project: Creating your first project and Adding a New Project.

Creating Your First Project

To create your first project, you will select the ‘Import Project from GitHub’ button on your main landing page.

Clicking this button will bring up a dialog box where you will make several selections.

If you have not yet connected your GitHub account to your Labs Profile, you will need to click on your avatar icon in the upper right corner of the screen and go to your profile.  From there, you can connect to your GitHub account.

If your account is connected to GitHub, then you will see a list of repositories that exist within your GitHub account.

To find the repository that you want to import into the project, you have two options.  You can use the scroll bar to move up or down the list and find the name.

Another option is to start typing in the name of the repository.  As you enter letters, the list will be reduced to only show the repositories containing what you’ve entered.

After selecting the repository, you will then need to type in the name of the project and a brief description.  Once you’ve entered all the fields, the ‘Create’ button will go from gray to orange.

If you click the ‘Create’ button, then the screen will update to show a list of your projects.

New Project

If you’ve already created a project within the Labs Platform, the way you will add additional projects to the platform is via the ‘New Project’ hyperlink.

You will receive a pop box walking you through the same process as when you created your first project.

Project List

As you add more projects to your profile, they will be listed on your main ‘Projects’ page.

The project page has a search bar that allows you to quickly find the exact project you are looking for by typing in part of the name of the project.

Project Columns

A project in the project list contains the following columns:

Name: The name that you gave the project when you either imported a repository from GitHub, or the name you changed it to in the project ‘Settings’ tab.

Collaborators: The avatars of platform users who have permissions to access the project at some level.

Last Modified:  The date and time of the last change of anything to the project.

Date Created: The date and time of when the project was originally created.

Source Repo Name: The name of the GitHub repository where the project was imported from.

Owner: The platform user who created and owns the project or has been given ownership of the project.

Latest Simulation Status:  If a simulation has been run for the project, the simulation that has been run most recently will display its run status in this column.

Project Ellipsis

If you click on the ellipsis located at the right side of the screen for a project (the icon of three stacked dots), a drop down menu will appear.

Settings: By clicking on this option, you will be navigated to the projects ‘Settings Tab’.

Details: This option is not currently available.

Download: This will bring up the ‘Download Project’ dialog box.

You have the option of downloading a zip or tarball version of the project.  Once you’ve made your selection, click the ‘Download’ button.  You can then open the file on your local machine.

Delete: This will remove a project from the platform.  Only owners of projects are allowed to delete a project.  When you select this option, you will receive a pop up box asking you to confirm.

Duplicate: This will bring up a pop up box with two options.

You can either cancel the action, or if you click the ‘Duplicate’ button, the project will be copied in its entirety and appear as another project in your list.

Project Details

To access a list of simulations that have been run within a project, you can click anywhere on the row of the project and a list of the last five simulations will be displayed below.

If your project has more than five simulations, you can click on the ‘Show More Simulations’ hyperlink to go into the project and see all your simulations in the ‘Simulation’ tab.

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